One Great Tribe

Chuchip lives on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Hototo lives on the South Rim. For years, members of their two tribes have told stories, naming one another as enemies. When Chuchip and Hototo accidentally meet near the river one day, a fight breaks out. Their squabbling disturbs Grandfather Squirrel, and he orders them to stop, explaining that though they may look different, they are members of One Great Tribe.


Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. This is a timely tale told in an ancient, timeless style with gorgeous illustrations. One Great Tribe belongs in every school and library. I am getting copies for my branches, and my grandchildren.

--Connie Corcoran, Librarian

One of things that I am most proud of this school year is what a role this book has played in our classroom community. It has lead to many lessons on friendship, community, diversity and so much more. I have been able to integrate into just about every subject in some way.

My class was so excited about when we first read it, I invited Shelley and Bear to our school to talk about it, and they offered an entire assembly! That was in the Fall, and now here we are in Spring, and we are now pen-pals with students in Ghana, who also have read the book! More lessons, more leaning and more appreciation for how we are all connected. The lessons/gifts just keep coming!

In writing about it, my kids came up with words like “special and important”. It really is! It’s a must-read for all, about embracing our differences and celebrating our similarities, because we are all One Great Tribe.

Teachers, it’s a must for your classroom.. also parents and really anyone who loves children’s books!

I feel so grateful for the opportunity to share its beautiful message this year. 💜

-–Tamara Hansen